Faculty of Technology sciences

Dean's word:

We hope to advance the faculty to the ranks of scientific faculties in the field of scientific research and information technology, and to catch up with the advanced classification of scientific universities.

We also wish success to those in charge of the university’s website.



Name: Dr. Ismail Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad

Position: Dean of the faculty


It aspires to be a professional educational model in Sudan and around the world, and to occupy a distinguished position in the field of education, scientific research, community service, and technology industry with regard to computer science and information technology.

Number of students at the faculty:

The first batch: Computer Science (72), Information Technology (60),

Third Batch: Information Technology (39), Networks (5), Accounting (47)

Fourth Batch: Information Technology (49), Networks (11), Accounting (48)

Fifth batch: Information Technology (105), Networks (25), Accounting (106)

Sixth batch: Information Technology (92), Networks (27), Accounting (89)

Total number (776)


Serve community in the fields of computer science, information technology and network technology for the needs of the labor market by providing facilities, research and computer equipment, professors and experts of a high level, and continuous development of the abilities and capabilities of its employees.

The departments in the faculty:

  • Computer Science (Bachelor)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor)
  • Information Technology (diploma)
  • Network Technology (diploma)
  • Accounting and Financial Management (diploma)

Academic degrees awarded by the faculty and an overview of the academic degree:

1- Honors degree in Computer Science

2- Honors degree in Information Technology

3- Diploma in Information Technology

4- Diploma in Network Technology

5- Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management


1- To provide specialized programs in computer science and information technology.

2- To provide research services and community service activities to meet the needs of the labor market, the computer sector and industry in Sudan in general and in West Darfur in particular by focusing on interactive education and applicable self-education.

Faculty Department:

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Information Technology
  • Networking Technology

Number of teaching staff and teaching assistants in the facult:

Teaching staff (5), teaching assistants (10), technicians (3)