Faculty of Economics and Social Studies

Dean's word:

Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Social Studies at University of Geneina.

Praise be to Allah by hose grace good things are accomplished; And prayers and peace be upon the master of creation, our prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and upon all his family and companions.

It gives me great pleasure here on this website of the University of Geneina to welcome my dear colleagues, teaching staff, employees and workers at the faculty, and our dear students, students of the Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, and all the graduators of our prestigious faculty since its establishment. All the best greetings, love and loyalty to  friends, colleagues and distinguished visitors to the university’s website.


Name: Dr. Yousif Al-Haj Haroon Yousif

Position: Dean of the faculty


Leadership and distinction in training, scientific research and community service.


Providing good learning programs in order to have a community with professional cadres in the disciplines of economics, business administration, and accounting.


1- Qualifying and preparing students scientifically and professionally to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the existing disciplines of the faculty

2- Active contribution to community service through continuous development and keeping pace with change

3- Developing relations with the competent authorities in the fields of work of the faculty locally and regionally

4- Providing the consultancy and service for institutions and communities at the state and federal levels and for local, regional and foreign organizations.

5- Preparing a database on the resources available in the state to be submitted upon request.

Academic degrees awarded by the faculty and an overview of the academic degree:

1- The faculty awards a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration and accounting in eight semesters.

2- The faculty also awards a bachelor’s degree with honors in economics, business administration and accounting in ten semesters.

3- There is also a postgraduate program, which currently includes a higher diploma, a master’s and a doctorate in the disciplines of economics, business administration and accounting.

The departments in the faculty:

1- Economy

2- Business Administration

3- Accounting

عن الكلية

2015 – 2016 Dr. Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim
2016 – 2017 Dr. Elfatih Fadol Mohamed Alhaj
  • Total number (2800) students

Teaching staff and teaching assistants (16)