Faculty of Community Development

Dean's word:

In the name of Allah, praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah and his family and companions.

   First: I extend my deepest thanks and appreciation for this kind initiative by establishing the university’s website, which adds value to it and raises its position among its counterparts with progress and development and to play its leading role in the field of scientific research and community service.

    The faculty of Community Development is one of the faculties of the University of Geneina that was established in 2015 under the law of University of Geneina to provide a variety of programs designed according to the needs of the local community and targeting life skills in order to build community and keep pace with development to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.

    The faculty has a board of trustees, a dean, a registrar and teaching staff. The faculty awards a training certificate, not academic degrees. It seeks to activate the university’s role in community service by achieving the faculty’s goals. We seek to develop the faculty and expand the range of tasks towards community service in order to promote it.

     Finally, we wish the university to progress and keep pace with development and to be at the forefront of international universities in the field of higher education and scientific research.



Name:  Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Lamuddin

Position: Dean of the faculty


Building a conscious and productive local community capable of developing through systematic programs and high skills.


Creating positive change in the community of West Darfur state by following up on labor market developments, identifying community needs, and linking projects and training programs to social peace to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.


1- Working on linking the university with the local community to provide services and development programs for the community in order to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.

2- Promoting virtuous values, combating bad habits, and respecting diversity.

3- Acquiring the necessary skills, building the capabilities of the segments of society and developing them with knowledge and training.

4- Providing free work opportunities for women, youth and people with special needs and opening new horizons for participation in development and community service

5- Work to combat gender-based violence and protect women to achieve social peace.

6- Providing consultations and suggestions to some relevant faculties from governmental institutions and international and regional organizations to conduct research and studies to address the issues of the state community.

7- Work on building smart partnerships for coordination.

8- Develop the capabilities and skills of women and youth in production and productivity and  develop the work environment for shopping.

Academic degrees awarded by the faculty:

The faculty of Community Development awards a certificate

The departments in the faculty:

1- Department of Urban Development

2- Department of Rural Development

3- Department of Family Development

4- Department of Skills Development and Capacity Building

5- Department of Development Communication

6- Department of Research and Community Studies

7- Sub-library

Dean of the faculty

Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Lamuddin

Deans of the faculty (Honours Roll):

2015Mr.Ismail Adam Abuelgasim
2016Mrs. Zahra Hassan Mansor