Academic Affairs Secretariat

The word of the Secretary of the Academic Affairs

We will remain vigilant for the service of knowledge and the comprehensive national advancement, and we extend our hands to all those who are interested in achieving national goals aimed at the advancement of the Sudanese nation and the peoples of the whole world.

Name: Dr. Mubarak Abdul Jabbar Abdul Hamid Haroun

Position: Secretary of Academic Affairs


Towards a scientifically and professionally distinguished university


Towards Intellectual and cultural enlightenment of community, professional qualifying and positive interaction.


To achieve the university’s goals through academic and professional qualification of human competence, transfer our capabilities to keep pace with the challenges of time, and organize and develop science and academic programs in order to achieve quality and efficiency and keep pace with developments, and participate in all walks of life and its challenges.

Total number of faculties at the university

Faculties (13): Bachelor’s (10), Technical Diploma (1), Postgraduate Studies (1), Community Development Technical Diploma (1), Institute (1).

Total number of research centers at the university

Centers 8 (6 research + 2 administrative technical), institute (1).

The departments of the Academic Affairs Secretariat

  1. 1- Department of Academic Affairs

    2- Department of Training and Capacity Building

    3- Office of Graduate Affairs

    4- Department of Professors and Assistant Staff Affairs

    5- Department of the Council of Professors

    6- Department of Admission and Registration

    7- Department of Statistics and Information

    8- Laboratory management

    9 – Department of distance Learning

Total number of teaching staff and teaching assistants at the university.

Teaching staff (97) / teaching assistants (36).

Total number of students at the university

Students (10,547)

Secretaries of the Academic Affairs (Honor Roll)