Faculty of Law

Dean's word:

First, we thank Allah the Almighty for granting success to the University of Geneina to establish the Faculty of Law in the year 2016, and the academic year began in 2017.It is one of the distinguished faculties at the local, regional and international levels. We hope that the faculty of law will remain the sanctuary of truth, justice and mainstream that introduces to the community its outstanding sons, whom we are proud of such as sincere scholars, judges, and men who help get back to the right path and check performance in all judicial bodies and institutions. The faculty will remain the fortress concerned with upholding the word of law, establishing the rule of law, and consolidating the values ​​of justice in the State.

The faculty, with its academic and administrative cadres, works to provide the full practical and learning requirements and strives to develop students’ skills and inform them of all that is new in the world of law and its various applications and the use of modern technologies.

The Faculty of Law at University of Geneina believes in the necessity of providing a suitable and typical study environment for its students. It has established a human rights exhibition center that contains a training list and a paper and electronic library. The faculty has also established a legal aid center to provide services to the needy and follow up their cases.

 In conclusion, I wish everyone success and hope them reach the highest ranks.



Leadership in the field of qualification, inclusion and scientific research.


Preparing and qualifying students and learners in the professional legal fields, scientific research and community service.


Within the framework of the national goals, and the specificity of the goals and objectives of University of Geneina, the faculty seeks to achieve the following goals:

1- Qualifying and preparing students to join various legal professions and other fields of service in the public and private sectors.

2- Qualifying and training students to work in the legal and justice fields of a regional and international nature.

3- Creating and developing the legal mentality of the student.

4- Developing students’ skills and professional capabilities.

5- Developing the spirit and talent of inclusion in the student.

6- Contributing to the spread and dissemination of legal and legitimate knowledge and culture.

7- Linking useful aspects of legal scientific research to the issues of West Darfur State and its environs in particular, and to national issues in general.

The departments in the faculty:

1- Department of Public Law.

2- Department of Private Law.

3- Center for Human Rights.

4- Legal Aid Office.

Academic degrees awarded by the college and an overview of the academic degree:

1- The faculty awards a bachelor’s degree (honor) in law in four years after the student fulfills the graduation requirements stipulated in the university’s academic regulations. The bachelor’s degree (honor) is classified according to the provisions of the university’s academic regulations

2- Applying is according to attendance – quarterly exams tests – other semester work.

Dr. Hasab elrasol Issa Brema Abod

Dean of the faculty

Number of teaching staff and teaching assistants in the faculty:

Teaching Assistants (1)

Lecturers (6)

Assistant Professor (1)