Faculty of Islamic Studies

Dean's word:

I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Islamic Studies at University of Geneina.

 The Faculty of Islamic Studies is among the faculties of the university which started in the year 2017. The faculty seeks to crystallize the vision of the University of Geneina, which is based on combining authenticity and contemporaneity by providing students with a scientific and cognitive basis, scientific and practical skills in relation to science, possessing the skills of scientific research and community service. The faculty also seeks to prepare a scholarly personality by focusing on the moderation and rightness approach.



Name: Dr. Hasab-Arasoul Issa Braima Abboud

Position: Dean of the faculty



The faculty of Islamic Studies aspires to be an educational edifice that provides a distinguished educational service for the future of West Darfur and Sudan as a whole in order to achieve leadership in the field of the Qur’an and its sciences, and Islamic studies in particular, and to carry out scientific research and develop intellectual, professional and behavioral skills for male and female students.


The faculty of Islamic Studies, as one of the edifices of the university and higher education as a whole, is committed to providing quality and distinguished educational services for community service and enrich the educational experiences of its students. Enhancement and safeguarding of community; ideologically, intellectually and behaviorally.


1- To prepare the student specialized in Islamic studies and the sciences of the Qur’an in general to be qualified in the educational process in the future.

2-To prepare training and qualification programs for teachers of the Qur’an and its sciences.

3- Attention should be paid to scientific research in the field of Islamic studies

4- Attention should be paid to modern scientific means and technologies that serve the teaching of the Qur’an and Islamic studies

5- To provide quality education capable of competition

6- To increase and support the positive partnership between the faculty and various institutions

7- To provide Da’wa services to the residents of the region

8- To disseminate the culture of quality, accreditation and distinction in performance for improvement and development

9- To link the faculty plan to the university plan, taking into account the faculty vision, mission and goals.

The departments of the faculty:

1- Department of Tafsir and Qur’an Sciences

2- Department of Sunnah and Hadith Sciences

3- Department of Aqidah



Academic degrees awarded by the faculty and an overview of the academic degree:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies (four years)
  • Honours degree in Islamic Studies (five years)



Number of students at the faculty:

200 Students in the faculty.





Number of teaching staff and teaching assistants in the faculty:

Total numbers (5)