Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Dean's word:

The development that the world is witnessing today in various fields of life calls everyone to take lessons, and look for the possibility of scientific contribution to the extent that enhances confidence in our scientific institutions to be responsible to serve the science and humanity and to contribute  in the  scientific and cultural process of humanity.

Since the secret of human progress today is scientific research, we seek to raise the faculty to the ranks of its counterparts in the country and the world in terms of research and knowledge acquisition.


Name: Dr. Abdulbaqi Radwan Jibril Adam

Position: Dean of the faculty


Graduating morally and academically qualified medical cadres to fill the shortage in the labor market nationally and at the regional level.


Creating a distinguished medical staff that contributes to providing health and treatment services and who is capable of making appropriate decisions.


1 – Filling the severe shortage of teaching staff in the faculty.

2 Preparing health cadres on scientific bases that enable them to provide services to the community.

3 Enable students to adopt scientific research methods and techniques and keep pace with the development of health sciences

4 Creating investment projects to develop the faculty’s financial resources

5 Creating partnerships between the faculty and the Ministry of Health and other relevant bodies to provide health services to the community.

6 Organizing scientific symposia, workshops and participating in scientific conferences

7 Work to complete the approving of the medical laboratory program due to its importance in scientific and diagnostic research.

The departments in the faculty:

1- Nursing Department

2- Department of Public Health

3- Department of Medical Assistants

4- Department of Medical Laboratories (suggested)

Academic degrees awarded by the faculty and an overview of the academic degree:

1- Bachelor’s degree (The faculty awards a bachelor’s degree in public health and nursing after completing eight semesters).

2- Diploma degree (The faculty awards a diploma in medical assistants after completing six semesters).

The departments in the faculty:

  • Nursing Department
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Medical Assistants

Dean of the faculty

Dr. Abdulbaqi Radwan Jibril Adam

The number of teaching staff in the faculty

Teaching staff and teaching assistants (5)

Number of students at the faculty

The number of male and female students in the faculty is (1110)

Deans of the faculty (Honours Roll)


Dr. Elsadig Mohamed Arbab

2015 -2016

Dr. Salah Badr


Dr. Abdelraheem Mohamed Salih