Deanship of Students' Affairs


مشاركة وفد من الجامعة برئاسة بروفيسور الطيب علي أحمد للمشاركة في مهرجان الإبداع الطلابي السادس قطاع دارفور بزالنجى 28/ 1/ 2018م


مهرجان الإبداع الطلابي السادس قطاع دارفور بزالنجى 28/ 1/ 2018م

مهرجان الابداع

مهرجان الإبداع الطلابي السادس بزالنجي

Dean's word:

The role of the university is not limited to the learning process and the teaching of lessons and vocabulary, but its role extends to achieving great goals, as it contributes to building an integrated personality for students so that they are able to be creative in all their fields. The first concern of the deanship is the continuous endeavor to provide services to its students, knowing their needs and interests, and working to achieve them.


Name: Dr. Abdul Rahim Muhammad Salih Adam

Position: Dean of Students’ Affairs


The deanship aims to have leadership and distinction in providing prior services to create an ambitious generation of students.


Building a homogeneous student society in which the spirit of positive competition, initiative, creativity is prevailed, and developing students’ capabilities to contribute to serve their country.


1- Raising the cultural and social awareness of students

2- Developing students’ talents and raise their capabilities

3- Follow up the university student’s progress and provide services and care that enable him/her to achieve his/her goals

4- Enhancing the concept of national unity among students

5- Providing students with the necessary skills to coexist with society positively

The departments in the Deanship of Students' Affairs:

1- Department of General Supervision

2- Department of Sports Supervision

3- Department of Cultural Supervision

4- Department of Social Supervision

5- Department of Statistics and Information

6- Department of Associations and Clubs