Deanship of Libraries

Dean's word:

The Deanship derives its mission from the university’s mission so that the libraries of the University of Geneina will be a hub for providing advanced information and knowledge services by collecting, organizing and disseminating information and continuous improvement to access to its sources and making it available to raise the efficiency of scientific research quality and serving the university’s employees and those outside the university to achieve their satisfaction. University of  Geneina provides an outstanding service to the academic community in the light of electronic technologies.



Name: Maimouna Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim

Position: Vice Dean of Libraries


To be a distinguished academic library in the world in general and the best in the Arab world, in particular.


Contributing to enable the university to provide education with scientific method and to produce distinguished research for community service through the quality of information services so that the deanship of libraries can have advanced systems, human resources and community partnerships.


The deanship of libraries, through coordination with the relevant authorities and relations, seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1- Implementing ISO international quality standards for libraries to develop them, especially university libraries.

2- The electronic transformation of libraries and information sources

3- Continuous improvement of the capabilities of the deanship’s staff in the field of libraries and information

4- Supporting scientific research through providing information for the beneficiaries of the library.

5- Ensuring mutual academic partnerships and training with universities, libraries and centers locally and internationally.

The departments of the Libraries:

1- Department of Services and Information Management

2- Technical Administration Department

Branches of the library :

1- Dar-andoka Library (Central Library)

2-  Library of the administration building

3- Library of the Faculty of Health Sciences

4- Library of the Faculty of Medicine

Dar-andoka Library (Central Library)



Total number of students at the university

Male and female students (3950)